dinsdag 29 juli 2014

Outfitpost: A touch of blue

2day Im wearing my new necklaces , that I've received from Yehwang.
I really love the colour blue lately , this look is very casual but with the right accesoires it adds a bit of a dress up feeling.
Diva wears:
Yehwang Necklaces , http://www.yehwang.com/
By Bordon bag , http://www.bybordon.nl/tassen.html
Wrangler shorts
River Island cloggs
Primark top
Specsavers sunnies
Gipsy Ibiza hat scarf
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The Diva

maandag 28 juli 2014

Outfitpost: Casual Monday

2day Im rocking a very casual look , I really love my Mochila bag.
What do you guys think of this summer proof look?
Diva wears:
C&A Dungarees
Mochila bag
Bronx boots
Primark shirt
Specsavers sunnies
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The Diva

zondag 27 juli 2014

Instagram Monthly update

Finally I had some time to spend at the beach , this month was super busy!
Ofcourse I like to start with my beach pictures.
I've discovered a new beach hotspot , Mango's beachbar @ Zandvoort.
It feels like Im on vacay , I really love the dutch beaches!
 My boyfriend enjoying the sunny weather in his stylish sunnies & hat.
If the weather aint that good you can sit inside & enjoy a yummy coctail!
This month I was spoiled with sushi & caviar ;)
This month I've visited some shows during the Amsterdam Fashion Week , ofcourse It's nice when you have front row tickets
Thanks to Image pr!
Last month I was also invited to the opening of Laimbock , Laimbock has the most stylish gloves for the winter season.
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The Diva

zaterdag 26 juli 2014

Inspiration: Summer dresses

It's been a while since I made an inspiration post.
I think the most important summer essential is a summer dress.
What do you prefer a maxi or mini?
Let me show you some of the hottest low budget summer dresses.
I like to start with the clubbing dresses , these sexy dresses are perfect for a night out in the city!
These maxi dresses you can rock during the day but also with a pair of killer heels they are perfect for a night out.
What about a perfect date dress? These cuties will def make a man happy!
Get inspired & shop your favo dress @ www.riverisland.com (There is a huge sale going on)
The Diva

vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Outfitpost : Summer Chic

2day Im rocking a summer chic look , I really love kaftans , this one I've received a while ago from www.bynovi.nl
With the rose coloured pumps it makes the look more chic!
Enjoy summer & get inspired!
Diva wears:
Bija Fashion for sale @ http://www.bynovi.nl/producten/noelle-top/
Hippe-Schoenen.nl heels
Specsavers sunnies
Invito bag
The Diva

donderdag 24 juli 2014

Outfitpost : The Perfect Beach Look

Goodmorning boys & girls.
My blog is on a lil holiday so excuse me for not posting anything.
Today I like to share another look with my own designed t-shirt for Coolcat.
I like to show you that it's possible to rock this shirt as a beach cover up.
Diva wears:
Coolcat t-shirt , for sale @ http://www.coolcat.nl/nl/dames/t-shirts/limited-edition-t-shirt-21769
Crocs sandals
Royal Lounge Junky bikini
Cheap Monday for Specsavers sunnies
Cheyanne Fashion bag
Wrangler shorts
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The Diva

zaterdag 19 juli 2014

Outfitpost: 24 A DIVA

Goodmorning boys & girls!
It feels great to finally wear my own t-shirt.
The shorts Im wearing are also from Coolcat , they look amazing with the shirt!
Diva wears:
Coolcat shirt designed by me , for sale @ http://www.coolcat.nl/nl/dames/projectcool/limited-edition-t-shirt-21768
Coolcat shorts
New Look Sandals
Specsavers sunnies
Vlieger & Vandam clutch

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