maandag 4 april 2011

My Fashion Friends!

You ROCK guys!!
Mama Diva! Fashionble mum.. She LookS Hot Right?!
Shroom my BF.. Hottest music producer in Town!
Tinus FreakySteel ,makes the most amazing creations! ,  Larisa Katz , Best Fashion Designer ever!!
                                 Scarlett , Fashionbrander & Partner in crime!
 Christina Russa Sexy Mama & Fashionista & Sepehr Amazing Fashion Designer!
                                            Kevin Kenkichi.. Makes the most glamourous pieces!!
                                       Sanjay best hairstylist! Check out my hair.. It's a crown ;)
                                Ton Pret , Amazing artist! Check out the chair he made!
                               Yelena Myshko , Amazing fashion designer!
Renee Trompert , Topmodel & Francisca Marcella , Best make up artist! Love to work with her:)
                                                     Joey , the DIVA,Vogue!
Rachel O'neill , Fashionista! Always FIERCE!
                                           Diva Mayday.. She is FASHION!
                                   Mauritz Briet , Owner/Partner @ The Fashion Lisst
               Ronald Kolk *Fashion Designer* Makes women look amazing! Love his work!
                   Amazing hairstylist Leo @ , He made my hair fierce red!
Ilena Ingwersen , Lovely model & Ingrid  de Koning , mum of very talented designer Tanika de Koning!
                                           Maria van Bruggen , Lovely Fashion designer
                                             Jadiz , beautiful glamour model
Ramona Brand , Model & Photographer , Rejhan Putz fashion parties organisator & Larisa Katz Designer

Love you guys;)
The Diva

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  1. wauwieee ik ben er ook van de partij!! I am Honored lol!!! I like the name to Sexy mama!! :p haha! I Luv it !! Thnx babes!! and of course ur mama is #1! It's all in the family!! U can't buy the class- U have to be Born with it, when God created Russian women - he was in his Best mood and specially in very created mood with u lol! And Yezz u can't buy the friends to! U give So Much back and never ask credits for it!! U re careful with ur selection and thats Good, cause u made the best :P! Thats Why I like this Lil Honest True Diva! Luv to c ur creative developments true the years :)! U got My support zaika! xx <3